Saree Style Gown – easy to wear, trend worth to follow!

Saree style gowns are not a very recent innovation. We saw the first gown styles like a saree 2 decades back when Princess of Wales, Diana wore it. The fuchsia coloured gown draped like a saree with a pallu became a rage in the nineties. But slowly, this trend of gowns inspired by the Indian saree style faded away. However, last year, when Paris Hilton arrived in India to launch her handbag store, she wore a pink coloured saree style gown. This brought back the trend of saree gowns styles in motion again. Another exquisite example of gowns that look like a saree was worn by Hollywood celebrity Haydon Panettiere at one of the events in 2012. Saree style gowns basically mimic the fall and drape of a saree. The gowns styled in this way often come with a ‘pallu’ or a drape handing loose from the shoulders. Even a normal one shoulder gown can be given the look of a saree style outfit if the sleeve is loose like ‘pallu’. Here are some of the best gowns that have been inspired from the Indian saree.

Bollywood also makes its own mark in Saree-gown style, bollywood is most inspiring for the latest trends of sarees and similarly for saree-gowns.

Shakira flaunting her baby bump in Saree gown
Haydon Panettire classic saree gown
Sania Mirza turned fashionista with her new look in saree gown
Katrina Kaif in Premier of Jab tak hai jaan in Tarun Tihaliani Saree gown
Shilpa Shetty kundra in hot pink saree gown
Deepika Padukone promoting chennai express in saree-gown by sonaakshi raaj
Katrina Kaif on sets of Big boss 4
Sonam kapoor in Saree gown
Kareena kapoor hot red saree gown for Star dust

Kareena Kapoor was seen in Red saree gown unveiling one of Star dust issue. Katrina kaif was spotted in plain red Saree-gown on the sets of Big boss season 4.  Shilpa shetty flaunted saree-gown with shimmer effect for her reception.

Sonam kapoor and Deepika Padukone was recently spotted Saree gown designed by Sonaakshi Raj for different events. Katrina kaif was seen in Tarun Tihaliani Saree gown for Premier of Jab tak hai jaan.

It is East meets West Trend worth to follow, easy to wear and definitely will be In thing to have for every fashionistas wardrobe.  There is a trend called One-minute sareee popular for every indian wedding as there is no need of pleats and pallu, it is simple pinning up at the shoulder and tucking the ready-made pleats in peticot. Pretty looking 6 yards saree has definitely a tough competition as majority of the young girls who want to flaunt the saree at every occasion prefers one-minute saree or saree-gown to make a style statement and to get a chic look for special occasion.

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