How to Choose a Perfect Saree for your Body Type

Choose Your Saree according to your Body-Type and Look Gorgeous!

Saree is an Ultimate Indian Traditional wear, which Women of any age and any body-type can carry off with great Elan.  The best thing about wearing a Saree is that it is never out of fashion and you can wear this impeccable garment on any occasion be it a traditional function or a glamorous Party.  Saree can make you look good anytime, only thing to keep in mind is to select the Saree according to your body type and you shall never go wrong! So here are some tips for you to select the perfect saree for your body type.

There are few simple tips to know your body type. Most Indian Women fall into the category of Pear shaped, Apple Shaped, Hourglass and Voluptuous Body type. In case you are any of these and are wondering how you can select a Saree that will compliment your figure and make you look gorgeous, then you are at the right place. Today we shall discuss something about Indian Women Body-type, Celebrities Body-type and what Sarees to pick for your Body-type.

Pear Shaped Body

Women who have heavier bottom compared to the upper-half of their body are essentially Pear Shaped like Sonam Kapoor. If you are a pear shaped body type, always go for sarees that are made from fabrics such as Chiffon, Georgette and soft silks (Mysore Silk) that will fit you snugly and will balance the upper and lower part of your body to give you an hourglass like figure and make you look slimmer. Steer clear from Sarees with Mermaid cuts, as that will only add unnecessary attention to your heavy bottom. Instead Go for Seedha Pallu Style. Choose Sarees that have beautiful borders, or Sarees with small prints and soft embroidery work. (Check out how Sonam Kapoor has opted for soft embroidery saree in light colour to balance out her body). One can use Blouse with broad padded shoulder or puffy sleeves that will take away shift the focus from your heavy bottom to your shoulders. (Just like Sonam Kapoor has worn applique padded Blouse with her Masaba print Saree with broad border)

Sonam Kapoor Pear shaped figure soft embroidery Saree

Sonam Kapoor Pear shaped body shape Saree

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Apple Shaped Body

Women who are heavy around their bust and stomach and slimmer around lower body have Apple Shaped Body type like Kirron Kher, Masaba Gupta and Aishwarya Rai. Women with Apple Shaped Body should indulge into beautifully embroidered Sarees that compliment their body type the most. Sarees with heavy embroidery will give sort of a balance around your bust area while emphasizing it. Keep in mind few tricks such as Wrapping the saree a little higher around the waist and Going for longer Blouses that cover your waist as well as other problem areas (Check out how Kirron Kher drapes her saree a little higher from waist with long sleeved blouse). Silk sarees are perfect for Apple Shaped Body type, whereas it’s apt staying away from Net and Georgette sarees which make your upper body seem more heavier. Apple Body Shaped Women should preferably drape their saree in a very simple manner or opt for ulta- pallu. Always choose blouses in contrast colours of your saree to give a more elegant look. (Check out Masaba Gupta)

Kiron kher apple shaped body type Saree

Kirron Kher and Masaba Gupta – Apple shaped body type

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Hour-glass Body Type

This Body type is the most coveted Body type, with both your hips and bust of almost same size and a narrow waist. Earlier generations used to wear Corset’s to fit into hour-glass figure. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is the perfect example of hourglass figure. All kinds of Sarees look great on Hourglass figure. Sarees of fabrics such as Georgette, Chiffon, Net, Brocade, Silk will suit you the best, as they will snugly wrap around your body curves and emphasize your perfect figure. Go for dark coloured sarees and cris-cross blouses to add some glamour quotient.

priyanka chopra hourglass figure dark colour saree

Priyanka Chorpa and Bipasha Basu Hourglass figure Saree

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Voluptuous Figure

For those who have curves in the right place and are more on the plump side have a reason to revel. Fabrics such as Chiffon, Georgette and Net have a nice fall and will snugly fit your highlighting your curvaceous body, making you look all the more sexier. (Check out Vidya Balan in a sexy georgette saree). Sheer Sarees are also a trendy option, however one should take care not to show too much in Sheer. Stay away from big prints and heavy embroidery which will make you look more fat. Instead opt for darker colours and contrasting blouses that will create a sense of slimness. Sarees with delicate embroidery are a great pick. Make sure to avoid stiff materials such as cotton, tissue, etc which will make you look broader.  Pair them with blouses with plunging neckline and deep back to show off your assets, Keep in mind not to over-do. A sexy plain blouse with criss-cross lines holding it to-gather would be a great start.

Vidya balan Sonakshi Voluptous figure Saree

Vidya Balan and Sonakshi in Saree

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Slim figure or Banana figure

Those who are very slim or have small chest and slender hips with long legs and less curves are said to have a banana body-type. Sarees made from fabric such as cotton, silk, organza, Tussar are apt for slim body type. Choose Heavy embroidered Sarees or Lehenga Sarees to give fuller look to your slim frame. Avoid Chiffon or Georgette Sarees and try to use lighter colours. One can also opt for large and bold prints Saree in bright colours. Pair them with backless, halter-neck and tube neck blouses.

Sonam Kapoor Mandira bedi in bold print saree

Sonam and Mandira in bold print saree and halter neck blouse

 Tall and Slim Body type

Women of Taller frame can carry-off Heavy  bordered sarees as well as bold printed sarees very well, which takes away the attention from their tall stature. Check out Deepika Padukone in the picture below with broad bordered Saree.

Short and Slim Body type

Women who are short in height and have a slim figure need to choose their saree carefully. Avoid big prints and embroidery. Use delicate embroidery or plain coloured saree. Preferably wear Sarees with small border or no border at all Just like Divya Dutta in the below picture. Never use vertical printed Sarees as they will make u look stunted, instead go for horizontal prints that will give you a taller frame. Check out how Rani Mukherjee has used horizontal prints in her favour.

Deepika Divya and Rani tall short slim women Saree

Deepika Padukone, Divya Dutta and Rani Mukherjee Slim figure Saree

Few more tips

  • Pay extra attention to the drape of your saree, be whatever material it be. Any saree would look dull and drab if not draped properly and pleated perfectly. Try to take smaller pleats to give a more dramatic look.
  • Keep in mind Contrast. Heavy Saree should go with a lighter blouse and vice versa. Similarly a heavily embroidered Saree should go with delicate accessory and minimal make-up so that the Saree can stand  out. You can choose to doll up in terms of jewellery if you are going for a lighter saree, but keep in mind always to use Statement pieces and not all at once.

Finally remember one thing!! Keep it Glamorous!!


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