A Glimpse at Bollywood Supermoms

Motherhood is the greatest pleasure in the life of a woman and being the women Bollywood actresses are not spared from this and they too crave for this pleasure in their life. Usually when an actress get motherhood she detached from the glamour world or opt for less significant roles, but there are few supermoms who still manage their dual roles as super actresses as well as super mom beautifully with adequate responsibilities.

Let’s take a glimpse at these Bollywood supermoms in this moms post!

Shilpa Shetty is one the supermoms who manage her personal life beautifully dividing her time between work and home by spending quality time with family. During pregnancy, Shilpa had criticism for her body fat, but surprisingly she loses nearly 18 kilos within three months period. This is indicating her strong desires to manage the life by her own wits.

Shilpa Shetty Style Waist Cut-Out Anarkali Suit

The same criticisms were showered on the beauty queen and most admirable personality of Bollywood silver screens Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

when she gained post pregnancy weight. According to media she was not remained a charming personality as she was before pregnancy and reasons were pointing towards her weight. When she walked on the red carpet at the “AmfAR Cinema Against Aids” gala in Cannes Film Festival she has shut all grumblings at the moment. This incident is clearly pointing her capabilities to balance her personal as well as professional lives successfully being a super mom.

Ash Rai-final

Our “Lolo” is sitting in the same bench of supermom and she is none, but Karishma Kapoor a successful actress of Bollywood. She is a down to earth figure as she was revealing secretes of her coquettish smile and chirpy style at the age of 38. She has prised the adequate availability of wide range of healthy foods in modern time and awareness of people to keep themselves healthy and fit. According to her, she has managed her hourglass figure with lots of efforts and kept good balance between her kids and her professional life.

Karishma Kapoor-final

Raveena Tandon is found of kids therefore, she has adopted two kids as a single mother before marriage and later on she married with Thandani and gave birth to Rasha and then Ranbir. Despite these she has managed her work and personal life satisfactory.


There are many other supermoms in Bollywood industry, but a few deserve citation here and they are:

Kajol as she is rising two kids and doing work with same capacities as she was doing before


Madhuri Dixit is an outstanding figure in Indian cinema and she maintained her status till today despite rising two kids simultaneously


Juhi Chawla is a prominent figure of Bollywood screen and got a big fame at her time. At present she is attending her family as well as work with equal importance and fall in a category of the Bollywood supermom.



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