Floor Length Anarkali—Let’s Make It Contemporary

Bollywood actress ranging from new generation to old generation like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonakshi Sinha, Madhuri Dixit, and Jaya Bachchan prefer one thing that is common for all and is floor-length Anarkali dresses whenever they go for some ethnic do.


Do you know the reason behind this? Most of the actress and high society women prefer floor-length Anarkali as it is hiding problem areas and at same time elevates our best features, perhaps this is the most distinguish characteristic of the floor-length Anarkali.

Wearing Anarkali makes stylish society women sophisticated, elegant and charming. Most of the small screen divas wowing audiences with the flowing Anarkali suits; this makes Anarkali trendier among all age-groups and proves a big obsession on small screen.

That is good for actresses who have a team of professionals to make a dress perfectly suitable for them, but what about the ordinary women? Right for that we have to take care and teamed properly so it won’t look like a tent. If floor-length Anarkali is not fitted well at the bust it won’t heighten your figure.

Same is true when you are going to customize your Anarkali dress some longer than floor-length. Generally at present day fashion designers are not much inventive and doing simple tweaks like either rise or drop the hemline, but don’t make us some outstanding and glamorous.


There are many ways to do that like we can make changes in kalis and neckline as well as repositioning colors. If you westernize Anarkali choosing light western colors and tweaking it to give European feel that can act as a gown too. Ladies of new generation prefer draping and layering with lace and most preferably with light embroidery as most of the young women seeking lighter work and avoid heavy embellishments.

Making floor-length Anarkali more stylish will increase its acceptability and experimenting with different fabrics like kota against georgette and chanderi will offer more flexibility. People like to look their Anarkali dress heavy but don’t like to use heavy material for embroidery so they incline more for lighter version of Japanese yukata, not traditional zardozi.

With floor-length Anarkali we can decorate the festivity we attend using Mughal colors especially gold, deep pink, emerald green and peacock blue. Same the time we can create splash of bright colors like fuchsia, red and purple. If we experimenting with embroidered belts we can make a big comeback.

There are some advises when you wear contemporary floor-length Anarkali that select the color according to your skin where they should harmonize. Same should be applied for silhouettes which should harmonize the body and embellishments the personality.


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