Bridal Lehenga—Enjoy Some Leeway with How Design and Concepts Devised

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion in the life of a girl and choosing the right attire for this occasion is bit a confusing thought for a prospective bride. There are several factors playing their parts in the selection of the bridal dress. When the family is more conservative selections will confine up to Sarees. If girl is of more open and has freedom to select then the chances of Salwar Kameez are greater, but if you fall in somewhat in between like have traditional inclinations of parents or family elders, but aspirations to look modern can be mingle with a best choice and that is Lehenga.

Bridal Lehenga Choli

Bridal Lehenga Choli

Bridal Lehenga Choli-long shirt

Bridal Lehenga Choli-long shirt

Yes, lehengas let you enjoy some leeway with how designs and concepts are devised around. Let me explain this in different ways. In case of bridal lehengas you can stick with traditional designs but can give them a ultramodern touch. Your colors of the lehengas would be traditional but the style of your bridal lehengas would be latest and concurrent. You can keep the embellishments of lehengas traditional by keeping their pattern and design, but can use embellishment material modern. Same the way your outfit would be traditional but the cut would be modern. In short, you can maintain your modern aspirations with traditional look.

For good selection of bridal lehenga you have ample scopes to go for various fabrics like natural cotton or synthetic, translucent chiffon to sturdy georgette and soft silk to coarse brocade. Of course you can mix up the choice of fabrics in a dress like silk for skirt and blouse while flowing chiffon for stole. Today some line long straight skirts are popular which are accompanied with Kurta. Many brides like gipsy style flared skirt along with Choli, Rajasthan and Gujarat in Particular while south Indians choose pleated skirts.

When you are going to select the lehengas as your bridal suits consider your body shape first as straight cut lehengas are suitable for fatty and short lady while tall brides are lucky as they can select and style or any cut but if your body is thin flared lehenga is good for you whilst fitted style is the best choice for hourglass figured brides.

If you inclined for some modern look you can experiment it with Choli tops or take long Kurta on lehenga that has some sort of slits on sides, additionally you can tweak with tunic on this. Alternatively you can try corset and bustier as well as tube tops on this. If you think to go some extra mile you can try western crop top or halter top as well as waist top or doll top along with good quality lehengas. If you pair up with belts you can give a casual touch to the lehengas.

If your choice is bit more traditional, Red Bridal Lehenga is suitable for you. If you want to create some mesmerizing effect Red Brown Bridal Lehenga is fit for you. As we have seen that heavy but modern artwork give contemporary look you can go for Sea Green Velvet Embroidery Lehenga.


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