Sarah Jane and Hazel walk on Day 3 of ABIL Pune Fashion Week

Sarah Jane Dais & Hazel Keech walk at ABIL Pune Fashion Week,, On the last day of the Pune Fashion Week, LA-based stylish Adam Saaks wowed everyone by displaying his designing skills by scissoring through the T-shirt of model-actor Sarah Jane Dias on the ramp.

Mr. Scissorhands demonstrated his skills live to the audience when Sarah Jane Dias stepped on the ramp dressed in a pink-silver lehenga and a yellow T-shirt. Adam Saaks took out his scissors and snipped curious patterns through Dias’s tee. Within minutes, the dexterous scissorwork transformed the plain tee into a zany top (see images ahead).

This is not the first time Adam Saaks has demonstrated his snipping skills live to an audience. The audience reaction at Westin, Pune, ranged from disbelief to elation as Adam Saaks worked on Sarah Jane Dias’s T-shirt.

We must also commend the girl for displaying no nervousness even though Saaks sharp scissors snipped just a hairs’ breadth away from her body

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