Can Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Return to the Big Screen now?

Can Aishwarya make a come back now? There is a big “?” on that.

Recently she has started appearing in front of media in her stylish designer anarkali salwar suits. Which makes her look little less chubby then she really is. Every one in the industry is thinking why would someone take a risk of giving a lead role to this chubby mom.

After giving birth to Baby-B, everyone is waiting for her comeback in her stylish mode with designer sarees and salwar suits. Though, Ash doesn’t want to rush for that. She thinks that she should spend some time for herself and for her baby, and then she wants to think of coming back to the silver screen. Since, she has put so much weight on during the pregnancy, she is working out hard to reduce all her fat.

Though, few film makers have already signaled that they will compromise with her weight, but Ash is not signing any movie until few more months. She may sign a movie in the beginning of 2013. Even though, if Ash signs a movie this year, she is not supposed to start working until next year, since she does not want to start working until Baby-B is 1-year-old.

Inside stories revealed that it’s not that Ash does not want to work because of her over weight, she can reduce her weight anytime by working out hard, she is just sitting back to take care of Baby-B. Ash has started doing light exercise already.

World watch report-world’s known luxury watch research firm has recently completed it’s survey and stated that Ash holds 2nd position in Top 20 brand ambassadors list. She left behind Hollywood Superstars like George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Experts from think that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will come back soon with a big bang.


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